Logistics Trailer
"Moby" The Great Grey Land Whale

Moby contains the logistical inventory for antenna and support structures.

We carry some angle and tube steel stock, pipe, and fasteners; including a large selection of Cheeseboro clamps for constructing pipe frame structures. Up to 240' of 20.5" square aluminum truss in 10' sections and ground support x-bases are onboard for constructing cable bridges or temporary antenna towers.

The front half of the trailer is storage and transportation of microwave dishes, power distribution feeder cabling, non-penetrating rooftop antenna mounting fixtures (below), and base station antenna inventory.

When the rear man-door extension is installed (shown) the trailer has a 60amp 120/240V power distribution panel with 125' of 4/4 SO feeder and air conditioning.

Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts

"Lunar Rovers" as we call them, have a 100 sq ft. base footprint with 8 feet which protect even delicate roof surfaces like membrane roofs.

A Rover will support several radio antennas as well as two 4' microwave dishes in winds as high as 50mph.

The rover in the photo survived Mohave Desert Winds from July to October at 6,500ft without antenna shift.


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