Before, During, and After the remodel
We put so much work into this project that we had to show the process. No offense to ESPN, but the original Seafoam Green carpeting on the walls was pretty hideous. We completely stripped the trailer to the plywood walls and floors and re-carpeted and re-floored it.


Tech Space Before
Video Patch Bay and Power Distribution Panel
Tech Space During
We removed about 2000 lbs of cabling. The lower photo is the cabling that was behind the video patch bay in the upper photo.

The racks in the center photo were originally camera
control and videotape positions.

Tech Space After

Network and Telco Before
Previously the Audio Booth, the overhead racks were retained, the rack on the right was removed to provide a pass-through to the dispatch room.
Network and Telco After
The overhead racks now contain the Telco T1
channel banks and the Network Routers.

Dispatch Room Before
Originally the Production Control Room.
The monitor wall explains why there was
3.5 tons of A/C just for cooling it. There were
originally 44 TV monitors in the racks.
Dispatch Room After
Switcher and Producers benches were
removed and replaced with Motorola CentraCom dispatch furniture.
All of the storage bays in "the basement" were re-sealed against moisture, and most had their aluminum floors un-riveted and re-sealed.