Bonnie's Grave

Somewhere deep in the Mohave Desert, at a location that I will keep to myself,  is a reverent and poignant site.

It is the Grave of a Pioneer woman by the name of Bonnie Keebler Harris.

The inscription on the marker (lovingly maintained by an area museum) tells the whole story, and nothing else needs to be said; except that this simple marker is testimony to the courage, hardship, sadness, sorrow, and sacrifice that created this country and opened the West.

Nobody seems to know what happened to the rest of her family or her descendants. We have searched the web without any luck.

I hope they made it to their goal, and I hope that somehow she knows.

When you stand there looking into the west sun, you can almost see the wagon fading into the distance and feel the sadness as they left Wife and Mother in this place of incredible beauty and unspeakable grief.



If you are fortunate enough to find Bonnie's grave, take a moment to reflect in your own way and Thank her for her sacrifice.

If you do find it, be respectful, tidy up a little around it, and leave it as you found it.

Keep it to yourself.

Thank you Bonnie.


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