The Equipment

We use a variety of Motorola Products. For More information on Motorola Products,
visit their website.


We also use quality equipment from other manufacturers, such as Telex/Vega, Adtran, and Andrew.


Motorola manufactures a wide array of products, all of which are accurately tailored for specific markets
and applications. We are committed to Motorola products.

Any major manufacturer spans several markets: low-end/consumer, midrange, and high-end. Within those
markets, models are tailored to applications. General Motors makes small cars, big cars, and SUV's. If you want to pull a boat, you'd better buy a Suburban or a pickup. If you want to commute for the least money, buy a small car.

Don't try to pull your boat with your small commuter car, it won't last and you'll be unhappy with its

We concentrate our inventory in the mid to mid-high range of Motorola's line. They make some really
sexy gear, but it's not cost-effective for the normal customer to rent. They make some really cost-effective
gear, but it's not durable enough for demanding applications.

If your application requires ruggedness and long battery endurance, you should consider using these products.
A tiny radio with a tiny battery won't go the distance, even if it's sexy. If the radio is designed and intended
for light duty, it will shatter if you drop it.

We believe that these models are the best compromise and the best cross of cost vs. performance/reliability,
and our field experience has borne that out. We're not in the business of repairing radios, or billing our clients for damage from what we consider normal wear and tear.

ht750big.gif (7472 bytes)        ht1250big.gif (8910 bytes)
ex500.jpg (16061 bytes)           ex600.jpg (16114 bytes)
A strong emphasis on HT750 , HT1250, and HT1550XLS models which have compatible accessories and chargers, and which are small, durable, and well built units.





Motorola also offers the EX500 and EX600 radios, which are tiny...a little larger than a pack of cigarettes. An exception to the tiny radio, tiny battery rule.


The CDM1550XLS mobile radio is a rugged, reliable, and flexible radio which will handle a number of signaling formats. In addition, the radio lends itself to special applications such as base station usage with a companion AC power supply.



Our repeaters are Motorola 100W MTR2000 stations.

All repeaters can operate from AC power or DC battery backup, and can automatically revert in the event of a power failure.


We have several vehicles which are equipped with on-board mobile linking repeaters. These vehicles can be placed at distant event locations and are used to link walkies back to the main channels. Walkies can be linked back in from 30 miles beyond normal walkie range.

For really large projects, we have a truck which contains a complete multi-channel repeater system which can be placed on high-ground locations.

Multiple repeater sites can be interconnected via land-line T1's or with our microwave network to deploy very large geographical area systems, systems with a very large number of repeater channels, or systems with very difficult coverage requirements.


Dispatch and Control

We have dispatch consoles and tone remote equipment which allows us to set up centralized dispatch locations, as well as sub-dispatch locations. Up to 18 repeaters or channels can be monitored and supervised by our operators, and sub-dispatch locations can access one-of-eight selectable channels. This is especially useful where there are offices or coordinators in locations where walkies don't penetrate or get out well.

clip_image001.jpg (6268 bytes)
Telex/Vega C6200

remote.jpg (5093 bytes)
Proprietary  Modified C100 1-of-8 channel analog remote.


These remotes and consoles can control base stations and repeaters over wirelines (such as dial-up phone lines), microwave links, or Telco T-1 circuits; and with our proprietary equipment, can link repeaters which are separated by mountain ranges, or even in different cities, to tie multiple production locations together on the same frequencies.


Using the customers' computers and Ethernet network, we can deploy multiple PC based dispatch positions anywhere along that network with the Telex/Vega C-Soft dispatch application. An example is The Darpa Urban Challenge Command Center (right) where 60 workstations were interfaced to the radio system.

Or, using the capabilities of our Mobile Communications Trailer, we can implement an IP network for an event.


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