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Mother is a communications environment which is to radio users what Windows or MacOS is to computer users. The client gets the most utility and ease of use out of the equipment without having to be an expert in the arcane aspects of the machine. Event Communications without Mother is like computers at DOS command level.

Mother is of great benefit in events and situations where there are a large number of radios (generally over 50) in the hands of people who don't normally use radios; or when the pace of the event is so frantic that radio users don't have the time, inclination, or spare brain capacity to conceive or worry about how their communications system has to work. In the most complete sense, a communications system is only half hardware...the other half is the users of that system.

A Mother event communications tree is loosely based on the Incident Command System (ICS) which was developed in California to organize communications and task resources on very large wildfire incidents. It has become the standard method of allocating and organizing resources for every type of incident, whether large or small, in the Fire Service.

The difference between Mother and ICS is that Mother is based on Collaboration and Cooperation, where ICS is based on Command and Control. We believe that these are mutually exclusive philosophies, each of which has its proper application and place. ICS is micromanagement, Mother assumes that everybody knows what they are doing and just need support to make communications work.

Mother is a communications centered model, where ICS is a Command Centered model.

Motherrrrrrr !!?!! Help!, where is........
The users don't want to know about numbers, procedures, and jargon. They want to push the button, find the party they are trying to reach, and if they can't succeed they get frustrated. Frustration and distraction are the poisons that cause events to come apart operationally.

When we began doing large events, we quickly became aware that arcane radio jargon (unit 102 to base, etc.) was distracting and off-putting to creative-brained people. The call-sign "Mother" was found to have a calming effect on system users who are overloaded and need help. Users prone to aggressive responses to frustration or collapse responses to overload can just call Mother to solve their problem. After all, you don't yell at your Mother, do you? Your Mother will help you won't she? Mother keeps everybody cool and encourages them to play nice.

WHO is Mother?
Mother is not so much a person as much as it is an environment.

A Mother team is men and women (any of whom answer to Mother on the air) who understand the priorities of live events, and who are familiar with production and event organization to the point that they can anticipate the solution to a problem and set about solving it, or more important, find the people who can solve it and get them moving in that direction while it is still developing. Mother is like having an extra team of really good production assistants "looking down on the event from a balloon" whose job it is to know where everybody is all the time, and have the means to find them immediately. The Mother operators are very good at quickly learning the organizational tree of the event and understanding how the event works in terms of its communications priorities and key people.

I'm Not Sure I Want You To Run My Event
Mother does not run your event for you, Mother helps you manage information and circumstances so you can run your event more effectively and breathe. If you consider an event to be like a living body, you are the brain, Mother is the nervous system, and your staff are the muscles.

We do events where we have 16 to 24 or more radios channels running, hundreds of radios out, and we are always aware of all the moment-by-moment operational aspects of the event. We can hear all the traffic on all the channels and can track situations as they develop.

Mother Keeps Your Secrets
We keep private things private. The things that go on in your event are not for others to know, and we are not going to tell them.

Mother works.
We make sure that you get the most effectiveness and value out of the communications equipment you have rented. After all, to paraphrase one of our clients, "An improperly used radio is nothing more than a $1000 brick." Mother tracks radio inventory control and makes sure that people who need radios have them and those that do not need them, don't. Mother maintains batteries, radio maintenance, radio programming, resolves interference problems, and can interconnect to other systems, such as police, fire, emergency medical services, trash service, limo service, etc; either by direct radio communications or by being the 911 clearinghouse.

After the tragedy of the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse, "Mother" has come to include the ability to establish full-time interoperable radio links between Public Safety entities and Event Management (hardware level), and most important, a working knowledge of Public Safety Communications and the ability to interface (at the political/human level) these two disparate operational environments.

This interoperable communications environment has become standard operating procedure at some of our larger events.

To be sure, Mother is a premium service, but if your event runs on good communications you need it. If your typical two-way radio experience on an event is anarchy and aggravation, but you know that your event can't function without them and "there has to be a better way", then you are a candidate for Mother service.

Mother makes event communications work.

See testimonials for some client reactions to Mother service.

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