Top ten reasons to use 3rd St. and Mother:

10. Greg, Char and the crew are tops;
9. Sound and fury;
8. All the bad jokes you'll ever need;
7. Smoke and magic;
6. They work in Branson, dammit;
5. Light and mirrors;
4. They know all and see all;
3. All the secret codes;
2. Ask the Joffrey in Telluride;
1. Quick response to: "Come here Mr. Carttar, I need you."

"No change to the operations of the Telluride Film Festival has been so pronounced and so important as the addition of 3rd St. and "Mother" (sound and lighting , communications) to our system in the early 1990's. Greg Carttar and his team have developed a communication system for the Festival that is second to none, allowing continuous communication between venues, booths, technical support, food service, transportation, guest services, administration, etc. The Festival is lit by 3rd St. and the lighting services help transform the Town of Telluride into the Telluride Film Festival. Greg and his team are consummate professionals and quite reasonable to work with. We feel we get great service and product for a fair price. We love these guys."
Jim Bedford, Director of Production,
The Telluride Film Festival

Communications, Radio Inventory, Wide Area System Coverage
Mother Service
Interior and Exterior Theatrical and Architectural lighting, power distro



"....You and your remarkable team stayed on top of every possible issue and inspired confidence in a year when it was not only needed, but required. Thank you for your dedication, your talent, and all the ways you have helped Sundance Institute and the Festival succeed."

Sundance Film Festival 2002 (two weeks prior to SLC 2002 Olympics, 4 months after 9/11)

Communications, Inventory, Wide Area System Coverage
Mother Service


"Thanks for everything you and your team did for DARPA's GC; we surpassed all of our goals except for a finisher. This historical event will spark an interest for the next one. Comms worked due to the many months of hard work done by your team. Thank everyone for their professionalism and hard work during DGC 04 [to make it] a major success. You guys made it work!."

Col. Jose Negron USAF,
2004 Darpa Grand Challenge Program Manager

Communications, Radio Inventory, Wide Area System Coverage
Mother Service
Microwave network Tracking Data backhaul
Telco termination


"The DARPA Grand Challenge achieved its goal to accelerate the development of autonomous ground vehicle technology that could someday be used in dangerous missions and save the lives of our men and women in uniform. Your efforts were instrumental to the successful outcome of this important effort."

"You guys did an absolutely fantastic job, and there is no doubt in my mind the [2005] Grand Challenge would not have come off as well without you there."

2005 Darpa Grand Challenge Program Manager

Communications, Radio Inventory, 2000 square mile System coverage
Mother Service
Microwave network Tracking Data backhaul
Telco/Internet termination and last-mile microwave connectivity
Command and Control Complex power distribution and backup


"Thank you again for the outstanding performance 3rd St. R & D Production Services provided at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Urban Challenge on November 3, 2007, in Victorville, California. 3rd St. brings a high level of expertise that provides a robust communications and tracking system and improves all the systems and helps all the groups that interface with 3rd St. You and your group bring common-sense engineering and experience that is invaluable in making the event a success"

"For your past contributions to the Agency at the Grand Challenges and your most recent work at the Urban Challenge, DARPA owes you and your staff a debt of gratitude for a job well done and for your professional dedication to mission success on our behalf. It was a pleasure working with you."

2007 Darpa Urban Challenge Program Manager

Communications, Radio Inventory, System, Mother Service
Microwave network Tracking Data backhaul
Internet last-mile microwave connectivity
Command and Control Complex power distribution and backup
Truss bridges for power, data, television production cabling


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Emergency Program Management


February 28, 2013


Greg Carttar
3rd St. R & D Production Services
109 Shawn Road
Kirbyville, MO 65679

 Dear Greg: 

            On behalf of Park City Police & Dispatch, Park City Fire District, Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Utah Division of Technical Services (DTS), Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN), Utah Division of Emergency Management (UDEM) and Park City Emergency Management, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for you, Char and your staff’s assistance during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

            We have worked together for a number of years now in your role as the communications contractor for Sundance and our public safety roles.  What has become apparent is that with good relationships and well trained people we can pretty much do anything we set our minds to.

            Your suggestion in 2011 to look at some type of interoperability between your operations for Sundance and ours has led to a sophisticated and highly functional system that is so much better than just monitoring each other’s traffic.  As you well know communications always tends to be that weak link during emergency operations.  Sundance and your interest, led us to involve all of the above agencies in coming up with some type of interoperability exercise (though really in 2012 it was more of  an experiment) linking the Sundance Film Festival emergency channel, which you operate as a part of their overall communication system to local and regional public safety radios.

            This year’s 2013 festival built on the work last year and greatly improved on the end product where you were able to directly communicate with Park City and Summit Dispatch, as well as, with individual units.  In conjunction, we could do the same and know what was happening even prior to initial dispatch. In talking with the other participating agencies everyone was pleased at the clarity, cooperation and situational awareness that came with “interoperability.”  We often talk about interoperability but in this instance we actually did it to the betterment of everyone’s operations.

            I have had several folks ask how we pulled this off.  Relationships, trust, training and the desire to make an operation better have been the keys.  The Sundance Institute, 3rd St. R & D Productions, Police, Fire/EMS, Sheriff, State Technical Services, Statewide Communications Network and Emergency Management were all willing to come together is the true sense of Unified Command to get the job done.

            Look forward to working with you next year and I am sure you and Kevin will have come up with some way to make things even better.


Best Regards:  

Hugh A. Daniels, CEM

Emergency Program Manager



Park City Municipal Corporation – 2060 Park Avenue – P. O. Box 1480, Park City, UT 84060-1480

Phone (435) 615-5185 - FAX (435)615-4971 – hdaniels@parkcity.org


Communications, Inventory, System, Mother Service
Interoperability bridge and supervision
600+ walkies, 24 radio channels, enhanced wide area coverage

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