3rd St. R & D Provides Sound, Lighting, Logistics, Event Security, and special event communications equipment and services. Motorola Walkie Talkies.

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"Laboring in secret to develop mysterious devices of unimaginable complexity."
  That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Surefoot sound
Professional Microphone Support Products

* Alcons Audio Sales

Very Large Scale Communications Services - When Just Radios is not enough
Concerts, Fairs, Festivals, and Special Events - Large Operational Areas

Disaster Communications Services
Getting you talking again...to everybody

48' Expando Communications Trailer- Mothership
An asset to a Command Post

250KW Generator/Power Distribution Trailer -
More than just a Generator

Radio Antenna, Microwave Mounts

Communications Supplier to
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2004 DARPA Grand Challenge

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

2005 DARPA Grand Challenge
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

2007 DARPA Urban Challenge
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Client Comments

Since 1974, 3rd St. R & D Production Services has provided Sound, Lighting, Logistics, and Event Technical management for Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, and Special Events. Tour clients have included Johnny Cash (18 years), The Statler Brothers (5 years), Steve Martin (2 years), and others.

In 1989, those services expanded to include temporary special event communications systems.

Today, special event communications services have become our primary focus, although we still retain our other production capabilities such as concert-scale sound and lighting.

Touring Concert Logistics have been applied to our communications systems and infrastructure....Fast in, fast out, plug and play. Huge systems can deploy in hours or days, rather than months; and can come out in hours rather than days.

We can fully deploy a medium sized metropolitan-scale multiple channel/multiple site communications system in just a few days, complete with dispatch center and microwave backbone.

"Mother" is a mediated communications environment that works in conjunction with equipment services to help a client event manage their radio inventory and facilitate message flow. Our production experience allows us to quickly integrate with a client event.

Our clientele ranges from the eclectic to the governmental. In all those cases, our hallmark is rapid response, excellent service, and attention to the needs of the event. 

Beyond normal radio communications, those temporary services include data network backbones, networking equipment, site telephone systems, deployable towers, power distribution, and site power generation for backup or prime.

When we're not on the road, we're volunteer firefighters, parents, grandparents, martial artists, musicians, and technology freaks.

Central Taney County Fire Protection District-The Department we're on

A tribute to Charles "Chuck" Jones - passenger on flight 11, September 11, 2001

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